Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

I finally got up the courage to go back to quilting Jane's Path.  I just decided that the best approach with the pieced main blocks would be to do some free motion quilting as suited to each block...some outlines, some small designs....I've decided that even though a block itself might not be exactly right (wobbly lines, design not centred, tiny bunched up stitches), it is my best effort and I will enjoy the finished quilt knowing no one will be inspecting each and every block for its free motion skillls! :)_

Yesterday, I finished the Just Takes 2 Schoolhouse quilt.  I had some decisions to make when ready to assemble the quilt…if I used the floral fabric as both the horizontal and vertical sashing, it was just too busy. If I used white as the horizontal sashing, it seemed to cut off the sky above the houses, but I liked how the houses seemed to sit on the white. So, I split the difference and made the horizontal sashing both white and floral. Then I realized that it wasn’t the best decision to make the flying geese in the brown! They were too dark and overwhelming, so I put them on just two sides of the quilt.  I really llike how this quilt looks and I'm glad I decided to use colours and fabric style that aren't my usual.

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